SNS Tree Lopping Services offer a “FREE WOOD CHIPPING AND MULCHING SERVICE” with every tree removal.

No need to waste your wood or branches we can convert your waste into wood chips and mulch read to use in your garden.

Wood has been a big factor in building rich and healthy soil. Wood chips help to retain moisture and offer a great source of nutrients. The long term benefits of using wood chipping will be promising as rich soil will see an abundance of health plant life in your garden. Wood chips and mulch is also great to use as a decorative finish to your garden beds.

You can also turn your mulch over time into compost by adding left over grass/green waste, kitchen waste (food, fruit and Veggie waste) and blood meal (a good source of nitrogen) and with regular turning, you will have a cost effective solution for compost.

Top Quality tree removal service throughout Sydney

SNS Tree Lopping Services we strive to provide our customers with top quality service, it is our aim for you to be so impressed with our services you will use us and recommend us to all your family and friends.

Other Tree Services

We offer a huge range of tree services in and around Sydney, tree removal included. We can assist with tree shaping, pruning, crown reduction and dangerous branch removal, among others.

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