Why Do You Need a Professional Hedge Maintenance Team?

When providing you with hedging services in Sydney , we pride ourselves on delivering high quality lawn maintenance services. We know coming home to a well-trimmed and shaped hedge after a day of hard work can be a huge relief, allowing you to spend your free time doing the things you actually enjoy.

Hedges are the classic way to give an outdoor area a touch of class. A beautifully trimmed hedge is the perfect finishing touch to a delightful garden while providing valuable privacy and protecting your garden from the elements. A neat and tidy hedge is a joy to see, but it does need work to achieve the best looking finish.

Unfortunately, an untidy hedge can spoil the look of your entire property. In this busy world we understand you don’t have much time to spend on your garden and there is nothing worse than having a ragged hedge. In fact, effective hedge trimming is something of a fine art. Experienced hedge trimmers can give your hedge the perfect shape and finish, whether rounded or with squared corners.

Regular hedge cutting by garden professionals is also vital for managing the hedge and ensuring it grows as intended.

We care for the environment and your family’s health and well-being, SNS Tree Lopping Services continually researches, trials and implements new technologies which are shown to assist us to deliver more sustainable results, enhance the service we provide to our clients, optimise our performance and reduce the impact we have on the environment. So we can provide you with the best garden maintenance services in Sydney .

Our total garden maintenance packages, will not only give you time to relax, but also improve the look of your property and increase its value.

Gardens which are professionally maintained on a regular basis are healthier and more attractive. A professionally maintained garden has plants that are lusher, thicker and have deeper roots, making it them durable and better equipped to combat weeds, insects and diseases.

How We Care For Your Hedge?

At SNS Tree Lopping Servicese we pride ourselves on our professionalism in hedge trimming and shaping. Our gardeners are qualified and experienced in all types of hedges, any shape or size.

Re-Shaping: Any hedge, new or established, should always be tapered, this means it is wider at the bottom than the top. A tapered hedge allows the lower part of your hedge to get the sunlight it needs for healthy growth. SNS Tree Lopping Services will ensure your hedge is kept healthy and neat. As experienced hedge trimming professionals, we can usually trim by eye, but if it’s the first trim or we are reshaping a hedge that has been let go, we may set lines with lengths of string. If a hedge is overgrown and lost its shape, cutting it back severely is often the only remedy. It is important to remember this method is not suitable for all species. Conifers, in particular, react badly if you cut into old wood. It is imperative to maintain regular care for the health of your hedge.

Regular Maintenance:: Hedge trimming seasons and the frequency at which trimming should occur depend on the species of your hedge. As a rule, hedges in Sydney should be trimmed every two weeks in peak growing season; this is just a light “hair cut” to keep them in shape and optimum health as well as encourage further dense new growth.

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